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Brenda sat in the waiting room of the doctor's office idly thumbing her way through old magazines.  Her hands, along with the magazine, rested atop her mountain of a belly.  A belly that occasionally shook inexplicably.  Not even Brenda quite knew what was going on inside of her.  She had simply woken up from a nap mysteriously outside with a strangely expanded stomach that was shaking wildly.  Her first instinct was to call the doctor who had, in a stroke of good luck, just gotten word of a last minute cancellation.  Brenda was scheduled for just forty five minutes from when she called.  

It should be noted that Brenda was not entirely confounded by the incident, as she had a history of sleep eating.  It was basically sleep walking but with the added fun of a massive binge.  Brenda was already fantastically fat, so the consequential weight gain was hardly an issue for her.  In fact it was kind of pleasant waking up stuffed to the gills.  Still, she had felt it might become dangerous if she ever wandered out of the house looking for a late night Chinese buffet and got hit by a car.  So the doctor had already talked with her about the issue before, and they had managed to suppress it fairly well for a while with a few different techniques.  What worried Brenda the most was the shaking.  It had died down since when she first awoke, but it had not stopped completely.  What if she had eaten something really bad for her?  

"Ms. Fettington?  We're ready for you."  The woman at the desk called out.  

"Oh that's me," Brenda said.  The enormous red head put her magazine down and hefted her considerable bulk out of the chair.  Brenda was a titan of a woman, seeming larger than life.  She stood at least six feet six inches and every inch of her body was covered in fat.  She ran a dainty hand across her expansive stomach and walked toward the door.  Every step was heavy and powerful, yet graceful.  Her gigantic butt bounced playfully with each step and her pink thong could almost be made out through the white Capri pants.  Brenda squeezed through the door and followed the nurse down the hall to the weighing station.

"Alright Ms. Fettington, if you could just step on the scale for me."

"Sure thing."  Brenda kicked her flip flops off (to which the nurse gave a questioning glance) and stepped on the scale.  Well, almost; she tried to.  Unfortunately the raised bar on the back of the scale was in the way of her belly, and when an object that small is faced with an object that big it is going to fall.  "Oh god, I'm sorry.  My tummy gets in the way sometime."

"It's okay.  Why don't you try it backwards?"  The nurse said righting the scale.
Brenda turned around and slowly backed up, making beeping sounds in her mind.  She giggled.  Then her butt hit the pole and she stopped.  "I've got an idea, hold the back of it and I'll just wedge it between my cheeks, would that work?"

"Uhh, well, probably better than anything else I can think of."

Brenda proceeded to wrap her lovely backside around the scale and the nurse began the process of trying to figure out how much this Amazon weighed.  When she finally hit the mark she didn't even say anything, she just whistled and wrote it down then directed Brenda to the check up room.

Brenda plopped down on the examination bed heavily and rested her bare feet on the small metal stool in front of her.  The nurse ran through the typical check up, took blood pressure (through the goddamn roof, but Brenda was of course miraculously in good health), temperature, the whole thing.  Finally the nurse left and assured her that the doctor would be in in just a few minutes.  She passed the time by looking at a cooking magazine, drooling at the mouth watering pictures.  At last the door opened and her doctor stepped in.

Brenda didn't really like her doctor because he was something of a creep.  He was absolutely infatuated with her though, and because of that she basically got to see him for free.  All she had to do was act flirty deal with him feeling her up during the "check up" part and she'd get whatever she needed.  

"Well, well, how's my favorite patient doing?"  He said eying her engorged belly.  

"Oh I'm doing alright, but I had another sleep eating accident.  I just woke up and my tummy was huuuge."  She said playfully rubbing it.  "Not only that but it was shaking.  It still does occasionally, but it's died down a lot."

"Oh dear, well let's take a look-see.  Why don't you take off your shirt?"  Brenda just smiled and nodded then slowly began raising the bottom of her shirt.  The succulent flesh beneath revealed in a leisurely, measured way.  The doctor was going crazy on the inside, but he had to stay professional.  Then she got the shirt up over her head and let loose her fantastic breasts that seemed to be straining frantically at the bra which contained them.  "Alright, let's see here."  He moved in and placed his hand on Brenda's belly and began massaging slowly, "Tell me if this hurts."

"No, that's fine."  He moved on to the next spot with similar results. The third he accidentally found a gas bubble.  "How about that?"

"Oh, that's BBBBBUUUUUUURRRRRRPPP!  Oh, excuse me!"

"It's a natural bodily function, don't be embarrassed.  A healthy girl like you should be burping," He said patting her stomach.  The check up continued in this manner until he had felt all over her deliciously soft body.  At last the doctor took out his stethoscope.  

"I'm going to listen to the inside of your little tummy, see if we can't figure out what's going on in there."  He pressed the end of the instrument into her silky skin and was greeted by a cacophony of digestion noises, a sound that pleased him.  Then something odd.  It sounded almost like a low moan.  A human moan.  It couldn't be though, that just didn't make any sense.  Still, there was something odd going on in there.

"Brenda, I'd like to do an ultrasound just to see what you've got in there.  After all, you might have eaten something dangerous."

"An ultrasound, like they give pregnant ladies?  Doc, I know I've got a big belly, but…"

"Ultrasounds are used for a number of things, not just pregnancies.  Now come on, nothing but the best for my favorite patient."  The doctor got the machine set up in a few minutes and then took great joy in rubbing the gel all over Brenda's gut.  He pushed the instrument up to the woman's stomach and began looking inside.  If only he hadn't.  What he found inside was shocking and wondrous.  After looking long enough and getting a complete enough image he came to a startling conclusion: there was a human skeleton in Brenda's stomach.

"Well, doc, what is it?" Brenda said noticing the strange look on his face.

"I uh, well," he stammered, "it appears you've eaten a person.  Whole from the looks of it."

"Uhh, what?"

"I know it doesn't make any sense, but that's what I'm seeing."

"That's not possible, that just doesn't work."

"Brenda, I'd like to try something unorthodox, if that's okay with you."

"I suppose."

"Great."  He left the room and returned a few minutes later with a CPR dummy.  "Now Brenda, I want you to try to eat this.  You don't have to really swallow it, just see if you can."

"Doctor, this is crazy!"

"Please, Brenda, I'd just like you to try this."

"…fine."  She grabbed the dummy by the shoulders and opened her mouth as wide as she could, but it was still way too big to fit inside her.  'This isn't going to-"

"Try harder!"  Brenda looked hard at the dummy and imagined it as a big juicy hotdog, something tasty.  She tried with all her might to open her jaws wider until, suddenly, her mouth grew enormous and she chomped down on the dummy's head and began pushing it down her throat.  Holy shit, it's working! Thought Brenda.

"That's enough Brenda.  This is amazing, but also distressing.  You ate another human being, and that's murder."

"Murder?  I didn't even mean to do it!"

"I'm sorry, but the law is the law.  You can turn yourself in, but if you resist I'm afraid I'll have no other options."

"But I will…"  Before he knew what had hit him the doctor was crushed against the wall by Brenda's gut.  "You know, doc, I'm feeling a little hungry…"

"Oh god, Brenda, don't do this!  Help!  Help!  Hel-"Brenda's tongue swirled all around the doctor's head ans she worked it deeper into her body.  He throat felt tight, but giving as his broad shoulders pushed their way down.  Finally there were but two feet kicking wildly in front of her face.  She pulled the shoes off and shoved them down just as the door swung open.  The nurse stood slack-jawed, starring at the now even bigger Brenda.  

"Did you just eat the doct-"  GULP! She went down much smoother, being smaller, but she was a plump little thing and quite tasty.  Brenda closed the door and leaned heavily against the wall.  

"Oh my god…what did I do?"  She peered fearfully down at her belly.  It writhed and shook wildly from its two occupants.  It was bigger than ever, though, which Brenda quite liked.  She turned to the wall on her left and saw a large full length mirror.  Somewhat hesitantly she stepped up to the mirror and admired her form.  She didn't even fit in the whole frame.  And she felt so full.  It was an amazing feeling.  And honestly, if she was happy, what did it matter if some people she didn't really know had to suffer.  It's not like she was going to miss Dr. Sexual Harassment.  Still this could get her in a lot of trouble, so she had to get the hell out of there.  Brenda snatched up her shirt and struggled to get it on.  The shirt that would have functioned as a fine blanket for most people now barely covered her torso.  It held tight around her breasts and rested taught around the top of her bulging belly.  With a mighty effort she crashed through the doorframe, cracking it in a number of places, and into the hallway.  A convenient backdoor stood just at the end of the hall so Brenda got a bit of a running start and smashed through that door as well.  

"Ugh, I'll never fit in my car now.  Or a taxi or the bus…"  Just then something caught her eye.  Just across the street a man was pumping gas into his pickup truck.  Brenda pulled out her make-up mirror and applied a coating of ruby red lipstick, then adjusted her hair.  She squeezed her boobs and rubbed the nipples to get them hard, and then she strutted her big ass across the street.  

The man had just climbed back into the cabin when she got to him.  She sauntered up and knocked on the window, smiling.  The man's eyes went wide for a second, then he rolled down the window.  

"Uhh, umm, can I help you, miss?"

Brenda bent forward and came to rest her elbows on the side of the door along wither her giant, quivering breasts.  "Well, cutie, my car broke down and I seemed to have forgotten my purse at home which has my phone and my AAA card.  I was wondering if you could give a damsel in distress a ride home…"

"Well, uh, sure yeah, lemme just clear off this seat here."

"Oh, I was actually wondering if I could ride in the back.  A big girl like me needs the space and I like the feel of the wind on my skin."  She said the last word crinkling her nose, then gave a slight giggle.

"Yeah, just hop on in the back."

Brenda gave the man a playful wink and walked to the back of the vehicle.  She placed one foot on the bumper and the truck sank a little.  Then she put all her weight on it in one step and it creaked down noticeably.  She turned around once she had stepped inside, slowly lowered her ass in front of the rear window, and sat down.  

The car started and Brenda idly drummed her fingers on the taught skin of her bulging stomach.  Today had been quite interesting thus far.  She had achieved a new level of gluttony.  She didn't even have to chew anymore if she didn't want to.  Her mind drifted back to the doctor and the nurse.  He had been tall and strong, full of protein.  She wondered how much fat she had gleaned from the nurse's big butt.  So many calories in such little time… Then it struck her:  She had no idea who the first meal had been.  Who was the poor sap that had awakened this mammoth woman's full potential?  That was something she would worry about later.  She didn't know who her first victim had been, but she sure knew her fourth victim was.  It was the first time she had ever gotten the food to carry her home.
My first story like this in quite a while...I'm feeling pretty rusty. I tried to have fun with it, though. Let's get this out of the way, Brenda is not a realistic character, AT ALL. This should be obvious to anyone reading it, but some people apparently have to be told. She huge and she eats people. That should be the tip off that this is a fantasy-type thing.

I don't mean to seem hostile or anything, I just say all this because I was looking at some of the comments I got while I was gone and I noticed one fool complaining about the realism of the digestion process in one of my stories. He didn't complain about the fact that a woman had just swallowed someone whole, he was just concerned that I was overestimating the acidity of the stomach acid. If the inanity of that doesn't jump right out at you, well, you might be that guy.

Anyway, I have returned for the second time and this story could potentially spiral into a crazy interconnected world of fetishistic wildness, but with my track record I shouldn't be making any guarantees. Either way, Brenda will be coming back, if that ending wasn't obvious enough. Let me know if you like the story or if you don't, that's cool too, just tell me why.
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Solo49 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Great Story!
gobbwgo Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013
Wow I love this story so much bover.. I love to see more of Brenda in future stories eating more little men ...please write more of her.
Brubake Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
Great story! This makes me think of the blind date i tried to go on with my brand new 1984 Camaro! When i first laid eyes on this 19 yr. old girl i was in shock because she was huge! Six foot two 550 pounds easy. We were going to a drive in theater, but she didn't fit in the passenger seat with the door even near closed! She was willing to hold onto the door but i couldn't find the 5 speed stick shifter in her fat so she tried to get in the back hatch but couldn't step in. So she road in the back of my friends lowered pickup. At that time i only weighed 128 lbs. so i must of looked like a snack to her. Her huge belly hung down below her knees, & got much rounder after my 5 expensive trips to the snack bar. I didn't date her again because she got real mad at me over me commenting over my broken car seat when the date was over! She said she was sorry for breaking my car seat. So all i said was no big deal, it would of probably got broken from giving my big friend a ride to work next monday! But the truth was she got mad because i didn't ride with her, & make out with in the back of the truck or try to kiss her good night! My friend told me that a few days later. My bad!
Lordmandis Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010   Interface Designer
hey could you do a sequal or if you have could you give me a link? Also if you continue this please dont make her grow taller when she swalows people and make her check out her weight now and then.
Scaface Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
I love this story people should make more vore stories about big sexy woman with big butts and boobs eating people, you should do a story about my auntie her name is Janice she is big and sexy too.
LostSoulMalachi Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2010
:D Awesome story! ^^ Keep up the good work! :highfive:
GhastlyGluttons Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2010
I say you make great stories, and should keep up the amazing work. Its really something.
Darkatio Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is my opinion...I consider Breand not like a murder or dangeruous is just hungry instics that is all, that give an innocent personalty because she think that is not correct to eat other people but she likes to feel her belly very full.

I hope to read more stories of her oh nad was a nice touch to begin the story with mistery you know "discover waht she ate the last ngiht" that was cool :thumbsup:
bover551 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2010
Yeah man, look at it any way you like, that's why I made it kind of ambiguous. There's that certain line-walking that comes with vore that make it interesting, you know?

I assure you Brenda will be back. I'm glad you liked the mystery. I wanted to add a little story element to it and I'm going to keep that string running into the next story.
Darkatio Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a good new that Brenda will back :D

Good luck in your next chapter and keep with the mistery touch :D
Xenodeus Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Loved it! Gluttony at it's finest. My only complaint was the nurse's swallowing description was a little short. Over all very nice!
bover551 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2010
Thank you, sir! The nurse was probably a little rushed, but I wanted to keep things moving. Don't worry, though, there is plenty of gratuitous vore coming.
Xenodeus Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010
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